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  • The Awakening

    JANUARY 2023

    The Awakening is a 1-day event that focuses on developing the 3 primary skillsets: Marksmanship, Combatives, and Medical Training.

  • Programming 101 - Strength Training

    July 2023

    Learn how to program strength training circuits, sessions, and programs with this 4-part series.

  • The Vanguard

    FEBRUARY 2023

    The Vanguard is a 2-day training event that includes: Medical, Marksmanship, Land Navigation, Combatives, Butchery, and Grappling.


    JULY 2023

    The Forge is a 5-day backcountry navigation trip held in remote wilderness areas in the Western United States.

  • Bring Back Natural Selection

    Want to start a conversation with a stranger - look no further. Bring back Natural selection is sure to spike the curiousity of anyone at the airport or during a group workout.

  • Voi Chien

    Conditioning - Phase 1

    Voi Chien is the first phase in the Defiance Conditioning Cycle. This program is a 5-week block is designed to build your physical and mental ability to work at hard paces over extended durations.

  • Damri

    Conditioning - Phase 2

    Damri builds upon the work capacity you created in Voi Chien. Here we will shorten the efforts and force you to work at harder paces.

  • Night Ops

    Night Ops is a team driven adventure race under load. Teams will be forced to navigate a 3-5 mile course under the cover of darkness.

  • Gurkha

    Conditioning - Phase 3

    Gurkha is the final phase of Defiance and focuses on peaking your work capacity for a series of assessments taken at the end. This is where the rubber meets the road and the training gets real.  

  • Rawhide

    General Fitness

    Rawhide is a general program to build strength and conditioning that has tons of variety. This program is great if you're just starting out or if you've recently come off of one of our longer programs such as our Raider cycle.