Night Ops

Adventure Race at Night

Night Ops is a team driven adventure race under load. Teams will be forced to navigate a 3-5 mile course under the cover of darkness.

August 12, 2023

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About the Event:

Each Night Ops is a little different but the core concept remains the same: You and your team will move through Austin under load, in low light conditions, and accomplish as many objectives as possible in a limited amount of time.

Your ability to follow instructions, task out your team appropriately based on abilities, and utilize modern resources will determine how well you do in the race.

After the event there will be a party – details forthcoming.



  • Date: Saturday, August 12th
  • Time: Arrive at 8pm, Race starts at 8:30pm
  • Teams: 3 people (register individually)
  • Loading: Men at 25 lbs and Women at 15lbs (load must be this weight dry)
  • How to carry load: Backpacks, weighted vests, and odd items carried can all be used to meet the load requirement.
  • Distance: 3 to 5 miles
  • Cut off duration: 90 minutes
  • Locations: South East Austin
  • Register as an individual, we’ll get your team info upon arrival.


Tasks can include:

  • Acquire and carry external loads
  • Obtain difficult to find items
  • Travel to a specific location to retrieve an integrity item
  • Get wet, dirty, or both
  • Do something physically demanding
  • Think critically
  • Efficiently utilize modern technology and resources
  • Do something embarrassing



  • Teams must remain together.
  • Headlamp must be worn and on at all times.
  • No outside help is allowed.
  • Teams must travel on foot only.
  • Weight must be carried for the duration of the event.
  • Stay on the course.


Do I need to weigh my pack?
It’s good practice to weigh your pack ahead of time. We will weigh packs at the registration table to make sure everyone is compliant.

Will I know the course ahead of time?
Not until registration. A link to the course’s Google map, as well as a physical copy of the course, will be available in the race packet.

Do I have to follow the course, or can I go rogue and plot my own course?
This year’s race demands you follow the course – though we may put challenges before you that make you adapt and overcome.

Will there be reapers this year?
Yes. But they will be very, very different than last year.

What if I don’t make the time cutoff?
The race begins right at 8:30 pm and ends at 10 pm. If you team isn’t finished by 10, make your way back to the start/finish location via the fastest path possible. The start/finish will be marked on the map.

What is the refund policy?
Before 7/30: 100% refund
7/30-8/7: 50% refund
After 8/7: no refund








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