The Awakening


The Awakening is a 1-day event that focuses on developing the 3 primary skillsets: Marksmanship, Combatives, and Medical Training.

January 21, 2023

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The Awakening is the first step to becoming a more competent human being.

This one day event focuses on building a solid, fundamental grasp of the three primary pillars of martial competence: handgun proficiency, combatives, and trauma management.

Perfect for all ability levels, The Awakening brings together some of the best instructors in Texas for one of the most action packed days of your life. We’ll follow up the day with a group dinner and cold beer at a local establishment.


Taught by Alex Acosta, a USPSA Grandmaster and national level competitive shooter, this block will level up your marksmanship skill regardless of experience level. We’ll start with fundamentals explained in a way that even advanced shooters will learn something. We’ll quickly move onto more advanced techniques such as reloads, multiple targets, and shooting on the move.


Taught by Randy Vera, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and owner of Austin Kickboxing Academy, this block will teach the basics of striking, clenching, positional dominance, and basic submissions. This  block will focus on the practical application of self defense techniques and will leave you with a set of skills that you can quickly put into action.


Taught by Special Operations Medics, this block will teach attendees the basics of managing life-threatening traumatic injuries that the everyday person could experience using basic tools and skills.


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