— Atomic Athlete —


For the past decade, Atomic Athlete has stood as the leading strength and conditioning facility in Austin, Texas, helping thousands of athletes reach their athletic potential.

Five years ago, we expanded our program to online athletes across the globe who were unable to access quality coaching or training facilities.

Alongside programming for local and international athletes, Atomic Athlete hosts a variety of training events and educational seminars for military personnel and civilians.
Our staff is made up of coaches with diverse backgrounds ranging from military service to collegiate sports to competitive CrossFit. Their education includes various third-party certifications, including NSCA CSCS, Military/Mountain Athlete, CrossFit, and seminars from dozens of other organizations. Regardless of their background, each coach successfully passed our own rigorous training and assessment course. Our coaches lead from the front in both knowledge and physical ability.
As a veteran-owned business, we’re proud to continue to assist military, law enforcement, and first responders in training for their professions.

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