Atomic Athlete

Atomic Athlete started as a private gym in Austin, Texas where we provide professional coaching and programming for athletes of all disciplines, whether it be competitive, industrial, or recreational.

The athletes who train at our facility come from all walks of life — from military operators to elite triathletes to men and women who are driven by the desire to push their bodies and minds. Even though the gym is where we train, the outside world is where we perform.

Our goal with this site is to make our programming and coaching readily available for athletes who don't have access to our facility. Our sessions are designed and explained to provide you with the opportunity to expand your Strength, Work Capacity, Stamina, Mental Toughness and Durability at any satellite location. We organize these five concentrations in two- to three-week cycles to ensure constant progress. In the videos that accompany each training session and in the videos for each individual exercise, we also show you how to do each movement efficiently and safely.

Everything we ask you to do has a purpose. Nothing is random.

Our Coaches:

We pride ourselves in our coaching and high levels of standards in regards to fitness and knowledge.  Our coaches all must go through our certification to coach at our facility.


Coach Jake Saenz is a former Army Special Operations Soldier with multiple combat and non-combat deployments overseas. After returning to the United States he got his Bachelor's degree from Texas State University in Business and started Atomic Athlete in the summer of 2009.

Jake has coached athletes of all levels from UFC fighters, Force Recon Marines, Professional Mountain Guides, FBI agents, Professional Triathletes, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Professional Skiers / Snowboarders, and everyday athletes.

Coach Saenz is a Certified Strength and Condioning Specialist through the NSCA and founded Atomic Athlete.


Coach Moore has run marathons, competed in triathlons, road cycling, and mountain biking.  An interest in boxing led him on multiple trips to Thailand to train Muay Thai with some of the best fighters in the world.  He and Jake started Atomic Athlete in the summer of 2009.

After getting his MASCC from Rob Shaul, he was hired by Mountain/Military Athlete as a full time coach. Since coming back to Austin he’s helped grow Atomic Athlete into the pinnacle of strength and conditioning in Austin Texas and has had the privilege to coach, program and train with Special Forces Soldiers, world champion jiu jitsu practitioners, former Olympians and anyone else willing to walk through the door and commit themselves to their training.


After playing competitive sports his entire life and trying many different activities, nothing really grasped his attention after playing competitive baseball. He finally fell into CrossFit in August of 2010 where he began coaching at a local gym.  In early 2012 he started training as an athlete at Atomic Athlete and was asked to come on as an assistant coach.


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Jordan spent six years in the Navy as a nuclear operator aboard the USS Charlotte (SSN 766). Afterwards, he attended and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Texas at Austin in 2009. During college, he competed as a road cyclist, including Nationals at Fort Collins in 2008.

He is a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and has certifications from Athlete’s Performance. He is a Military Athlete certified coach and spent 3 years coaching and designing training programs for U.S. military members the world over, many preparing for selections and/or assessments of every kind. He has coached and instructed certifications for multiple Army and Air Force units. Additionally, he’s worked with multiple law enforcement units including DEA, U.S. Marshall’s, BORSTAR and BORTAC, and FBI.

Jordan has had the privilege to work with multiple world-class endurance athletes and sports, including coaching one to a U.S. National Ski Mountaineering Championship, and another to a podium. He has coached world champion alpine skiers, professional ultra-runners, top-level professional mountain guides (Exum, JHMG), high-level sport and trad climbers.

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