Summer Foundations

A New Approach to Physical Education

An 6-week training camp for boys and girls entering 7-10th grades

June 19 - July 31, 2024

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Icon for Valuable Habits

Valuable Habits

Accountability, punctuality, and integrity are gym habits that translate to the outside world.
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Safe Instruction

Our coaches have 15 years of professional experience teaching proper movement and mechanics.
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Physical Training

In our training program students will see improvement in physical ability and self confidence.

The Problem

There is no physical education program in America. Research suggests that kids who move more benefit from increased self-esteem, better academic performance, and a greater willingness to take on challenges. And yet, kids don’t have regular access to learning athletic movement in a structured, explorative, meaningful, and fun way.

Nationally, schools and families have lost the value of physical training. Kids rarely have access to a structured physical outlet. As a result, kids have missed out on the benefits to their academic performance and character. 

The physical education options that some do have access to are unprofessionally structured. Kids end up with boring PE experiences leading to indifference towards physical activity.

We can do better.

The Atomic Foundations Program

Atomic Foundations is a youth physical training program focused on purposeful movement, healthy attitudes towards movement, exposure to various exercises, and accessibility.

We believe that every kid can train like an athlete. Athletes in our program learn how to move their bodies, find physical activity they love, and take ownership of their physical health.

We provide multi-week courses that develop kids’ strength, mobility, and cardiovascular fitness. Each course is a progressive journey allowing kids of all ability levels to engage, improve, and build good habits.

During their journey with Atomic Foundations kids become more confident, more capable, and, not to be overlooked, fitter.


  • The Foundations program meets twice a week: Wed & Friday at 3pm
  • This program is for boys and girls entering 7-10th grade. 
  • Training is one hour in duration. 
  • Parents may stay on site during training or  return by 4pm to pick up child. 
  • The program runs from June 19th -July 31st (no training 4th of July weekend)

Meet the coaches

Coach Jake Saenz

Jake founded Atomic Athlete in 2009 and has been professionally coaching and teaching for the past 15 years. He is the loving husband of an amazing wife and the father of two beautiful twin daughters. 

Coach Tod Moore

Tod has been by Jake’s side since the very beginning coaching, teaching,  and running Atomic Athlete since 2009. Tod and his wife have 3 children, each with 4 legs, excessive drool, and lots of wrinkles. 


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