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Access to all of our programs…FOREVER.


With the Lifetime membership you will gain full access to our entire library of over 90 programs, as well as every other program we ever create.


This one time fee will take care of your training needs for the rest of your life. You’ll never have to come up with another training session EVER AGAIN.


Instead you’ll have the 4 of us testing out new protocols and methods on our 200 Austin space monkeys to make you harder to kill.


Besides, if you’re the kind of person that needs a little motivation to train, spending this much on a membership will ensure that you actually execute your training to ensure you get your moneys worth.



In the unfortunate circumstance of all 3 of us dying – possibly on a quest in Alaska lead by Coach Saenz – then we’ll have the required systems in place to keep the site running through one of our employees. If it’s 2032 and China is the world’s super-power and the site stops working there is a strong chance that our country has turned to shit and we’ve run off to the mountains to live like savages. If this actually comes to fruition well we all have bigger fish to fry.