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Our LIFETIME membership is our all-inclusive online membership option. This give you access to all of our online programs and our weekly programming until we DIE.  Maybe even longer.

Lifetime Subscription
Monthly Subscription


Access to all of our programs…FOREVER.


Not to mention every program that we haven’t written yet.


With the Lifetime membership you will gain full access to our entire library of over 100 programs. You’ll also get our real time programming that happens in the gym sent to your inbox everyday.


This one time fee will take care of your training needs for the rest of your life. You’ll never have to come up with another training session EVER AGAIN.


Instead you’ll have 3 professional, full time coaches testing out new protocols and methods on over 300 local athletes.


Atomic Athlete isn’t some company run out of basement with a single coach writing programs. Nor is it a gear company that hires someone to write some hard workouts. We are a full time strength and conditioning company with multiple training facilities.


So if you’re looking to start taking your fitness seriously and stop jumping from random workout to random workout, this membership is a steal as it’s currently on sale for 75% off.



In the unfortunate circumstance that all 3 owners perish, we’ll have the required systems in place to keep the site running through one of our employees. If it’s 2032 and China is the world’s super-power and the site stops working there is a strong chance that our country has turned to shit and we’ve run off to the mountains to live like savages. If this actually comes to fruition well we all have bigger fish to fry. 



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