Voi Chien

Conditioning - Phase 1


Voi Chien is the first phase in the Defiance Conditioning Cycle. This program is a 5-week block is designed to build your physical and mental ability to work at hard paces over extended durations.

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Perfect for those that are not new to training or have done a few of our programs already.

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Full Gym Required

This program requires access to a full gym with barbells, dumbbells, plates, racks, and kettlebells.

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Hybrid Program

This program includes both Strength and Conditioning elements to make you not only strong, but fast.

Who it’s for:

Voi Chien is for intermediate to advanced athletes who have already moved through our Beginner Package or have been following along with our Alpha training. We do not suggest this program for new people with limited training experience.


What it does:

Voi Chien systematically builds mental toughness, physical resilience, and extremely high levels of conditioning through multi-modal work capacity efforts.


What it’s like:

In simple terms, Voi Chien is really f#cking hard.

This program was a consequence of our athletes in Austin performing poorly during a transition phase. The result was a 3-phase training cycle called Defiance.

Expect multiple hard conditioning circuits per week ranging from 15 to 30 minutes. There is still plenty of strength and supplemental work but the focus is on work capacity.


How long it is:

5 weeks of training with 5 training sessions per week for a total of 25 training sessions.


Sample Session

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