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  • Beginner Package

    Beginner - 3 phases

    The Beginner Package includes Basic, Titan, and Ronin which gives you 14 weeks of training. This package is perfect for the new athlete looking to get stronger and faster through consistent programming.

  • Raider Package

    Strength - 3 phases

    Raider is our favorite strength and conditioning program to date. This 22- week program includes Comanche, Mohican, and Apache and has a focus on improving your 1-rep maxes as well as your overall fitness.  

  • Minimalist Package

    Train anywhere

    The Minimalist Package has our 4 minimal programs bundled into one. With this package you'll get our Bodyweight, Kettlebell, Dumbbell, and Sandbag programs allowing you to train anywhere, anytime.

  • War Machine Package

    Military and LEO

    War Machine is our go-to Military/Selection prep program. This package has all 6 phases with over 24 weeks of training to prepare you for general service or a selection program.

  • Defiance Package

    Conditioning - 3 phases

    The Defiance package is a 3 phase conditioning program that includes: Voi Chien, Damri, and Gurkha