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military Programs

  • WAR MACHINE - Phase 1

    Aerobic Capacity and Maximal Strength

    War Machine is our go-to program for military personnel. This program is appropriate for those just entering the pipeline or attending a selection course such as RASP, SFAS, or BUDS.

  • WAR MACHINE - Phase 2

    Aerobic Capacity and Hypertophy

    Phase 2 of War Machine continues to build your aerobic base while shifting your strength work to higher volumes and lighter loading. This phase includes rucking and core work as well.

  • WAR MACHINE - Phase 3

    Aerobic Capacity and Strength Endurance

    In this phase we continue to build the base and work in some speed training. Additionally our strength development shifts over to strength endurance to improve PFT numbers.

  • WAR MACHINE - Phase 4

    Run Improvement and Maximal Strength

    In this phase we focus on improving your run ability and shift our strength work back to maximal strength. Expect a heavier emphasis on speed training.

  • WAR MACHINE - Phase 5

    Ruck Improvement and Hypertophy

    Here we switch gears and focus on improving your tolerance to moving over ground under load. We move our strength work back to moderate loads and intensities in preparation for the final phase.

  • WAR MACHINE - Phase 6

    Run Improvement and Strength Endurance

    The final phase of War Machine focuses on maintaining your ruck ability while peaking your run times. On the strength side we focus on PFT improvement of the pullup, pushup, and situp.