War Machine is a military specific training program comprised of 6 phases, each lasting 4 weeks. With de-load weeks and assessments, the total macrocycle length is 30 weeks long.


This program is designed to build the military athlete from the ground up in a progressive and periodized manner. Although each phase has 2 primary attributes, military specific fitness will be trained during the entire duration of the program.


War Machine is a high volume program, designed for younger athletes looking to attend a selection course or join the military. The nature of those types of endeavors require a high tolerance for volume which is built by training at high volumes. Older athletes doing this program may need to drop their training frequency to 4 or 5 times a week to ensure adequate recovery.


War Machine Training Phases:

Phase 1: Aerobic Capacity and Maximal Strength

Phase 2: Hypertrophy and Aerobic Capacity

Phase 3: Strength Endurance and Aerobic Capacity

Phase 4: Maximal Strength and Run Improvement

Phase 5: Ruck Improvement Hypertrophy

Phase 6: Run Improvement and Strength Endurance


Phase 2 Duration:

5 weeks


Number of Sessions

26 sessions


Suggested Training Frequency

6x per week


Suggested Programs Prior

War Machine 1


Suggested Programs After

War Machine 3


Equipment needed:

Barbells / Plates

Bench / Squat rack

Dumbbells / Kettlebells

Pull-up bar

Foam Roller