Aerobic Capacity and Hypertophy


Phase 2 of War Machine continues to build your aerobic base while shifting your strength work to higher volumes and lighter loading. This phase includes rucking and core work as well.

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Perfect for those that are not new to training or have done a few of our programs already.

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Full Gym Required

This program requires access to a full gym with barbells, dumbbells, plates, racks, and kettlebells.

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Hybrid Program

This program includes both Strength and Conditioning elements to make you not only strong, but fast.

Who it’s for:

Phase 2 of War Machine is for those that have finished Phase 1 or have been told to start here due to a consolidated timeline.


What it does:

Phase 2 builds upon the base developed in phase 1. Additionally you’ll see a transition from heavy lifting at lower volumes to more moderate strength training designed to prepare you for phase 3.


What it’s like:

There are some pretty big changes in your strength work not only with exercises but with your volume and intensity. You’ll also see Work Capacity and Tempo training introduced during this phase.


How long it is:

4 weeks of training with 6 training sessions per week for a total of 24 training sessions.


Sample Session

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