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  • Voi Chien

    Conditioning - Phase 1

    Voi Chien is the first phase in the Defiance Conditioning Cycle. This program is a 5-week block is designed to build your physical and mental ability to work at hard paces over extended durations.

  • Damri

    Conditioning - Phase 2

    Damri builds upon the work capacity you created in Voi Chien. Here we will shorten the efforts and force you to work at harder paces.

  • Gurkha

    Conditioning - Phase 3

    Gurkha is the final phase of Defiance and focuses on peaking your work capacity for a series of assessments taken at the end. This is where the rubber meets the road and the training gets real.  

  • Defiance Package

    Conditioning - 3 phases

    The Defiance package is a 3 phase conditioning program that includes: Voi Chien, Damri, and Gurkha