Beginner Bodyweight

Fast and Effective


Fast, Simple, Effective. Have a killer session in less than 45 minutes using nothing more than your bodyweight.

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Perfect for those that are just starting out, or coming back to training after a break.

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Minimal Equipment

Train anywhere with just your bodyweight or a minimal investment in equipment.

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Hybrid Program

This program includes both Strength and Conditioning elements to make you not only strong, but fast.

Who it’s for:

This program is great for:
a) The new athlete looking to take the first steps in the right direction.
b) Individuals that are travelling and won’t have access to a gym.
c) Individuals that are short on time and need to get in a session in under 45 minutes.


What it does:

The Beginner Bodyweight program builds out comprehensive fitness using proven methods. It’ll improve your conditioning, core strength, and strength endurance.


What it’s like:

You’ll have 3 types of sessions: strength, high intensity conditioning, and low intensity conditioning. As with any bodyweight program expect lots of running, jumping, and bodyweight exercises.


How long it is:

4 weeks of training with 3 training sessions per week for a total of 12 training sessions.


Sample Session 

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