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strength Programs

  • Comanche

    Strength - Phase 1

    Comanche focuses on strength and speed development. Expect a focus on sprinting and barbell work along with all the necessary supplemental work to build a very high level of fitness.    

  • Mohican

    Strength - Phase 2

    Mohican is the second block of training the Raider Strength Program. This program transitions you from Comanche to Apache and focuses on moving heavier loads on the bar.    

  • Apache

    Strength - Phase 3

    Apache is the final phase of Raider. Expect low volume lifting with higher intensities and a huge focus placed on the continued development of barbell strength. Although not a primary focus, conditioning elements are included in this program making it on

  • Raider Package

    Strength - 3 phases

    Raider is our favorite strength and conditioning program to date. This 22- week program includes Comanche, Mohican, and Apache and has a focus on improving your 1-rep maxes as well as your overall fitness.