This is where the rubber meets the road. Work Capacity efforts are short to moderate duration efforts done at a very high intensity. These efforts have various exercises using various types of equipment. Due to the pace, as well as the external loads, these efforts challenge both metabolic and muscular fitness.


One of the biggest reasons we train work capacity is that it builds mental toughness. These efforts, when done correctly, are simply brutal. You’ll be taken past your breaking point on these efforts, regardless of your fitness.


We use this structure in the gym very frequently. Not because it works better than traditional anaerobic training but because it’s simply more fun. Athletes seem to enjoy a 15 minute rounds for time work capacity effort much more than a 15 minute tempo run even though physiologically they are very similar.


Enjoy the suck,
Coach Saenz



Warm-up: 5 rounds

200 METER Run or Row

5x Squat + Lunge + Lunge

5x Hydrants e/s

25 minute AMRAP

10x Kettlebell Swings – Males: 16-20kg – Females: 12-16kg

10x Goblet Squat – Same Bell

5x Burpee

5x Jump Lunge e/s

300 meter Run or Row

4 rounds

5x Plate Half Moon e/s – 35/25lbs

10x Weighted Sit-up – same plate

15x Facedown Back Extensions

30 second Hard Plank

AMRAP = As many rounds as possible


Sessions like this are what many associate with Atomic Athlete, especially when done in the middle of summer in Austin, Texas.


In this session you’ll have a 25 minute hard effort followed by some core work.


Keep in mind that the work prescribed is not that hard, but the pace you will be performing it will make it very challenging. If you aren’t starting to question yourself at around the 15 minute mark then you are not running as fast as you should be.






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