Tempo training is the big brother of Speed Endurance.


Speed Endurance consists of shorter, faster intervals in the 3-7 minute range while Tempo Training consists of longer sustained efforts in the 12-30 minute range.


You may notice this is very similar to our Work Capacity efforts. Remember the 25 minute longer effort on week 1? Remember earlier this week you did multiple 5 minute efforts?


The difference between the two methods really comes down to specificity. One method is much more appropriate for runners while the other is more appropriate for the general athlete.


When it comes to conditioning, your body only cares about 2 things – duration (how long) and intensity (% of Max Heart Rate). The Work Capacity formats used earlier in this sampler provide a more entertaining method of improving anaerobic fitness by using various formats and exercises.


You’ll see Tempo Training in our military and run improvement programs. They are not often included in our gym programs as to do them effectively you need a track and a current 2 mile time, not to mention a high level of desire as these sessions are pretty grueling towards the end.


Get some,
Coach Saenz





5 minute easy run

Running Drill Warm-up


15 minutes

Tempo run at moderately hard pace

If 2 mile time is known use pace CHART


3 rounds

60 second Plank

10x Toes to Sky

30/30 Side Plank

20x Facedown Back Extension


3 rounds

30 second Cossack Stretch
30 second Child Pose Stretch




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