Speed Endurance is the ability to sustain speed, which is actually quite different than the ability to create speed. Speed has to do with rate of force development (sometimes called power) while Speed Endurance focuses more on resisting fatigue as you move over ground. So it’s not about creating speed, but sustaining it.


It’s typically trained in an interval format (that means there is rest in between each effort) using distances of 400 to 1600 meters. For run specific programs these efforts will be done at a pace specific to your individual ability (this is assessed prior to those programs).


Although these efforts are challenging, you will get plenty of rest in between each round as maintaining your individual pace for all the prescribed rounds is extremely important.


You’ll see this type of training predominantly in our military specific programs and any run improvement programs. Occasionally we’ll use this training methodology in the gym for Work Capacity maintenance, especially when we are working through high volume strength cycles.

Coach Saenz



Warm-up: 5 rounds

200 METER Run or Row
5x Squat + Lunge + Lunge (yes, that is just like it sounds)
5x Hydrants e/s


4 rounds

800 meter run or row – Pace chart (if your 2 mile time is unknown then run at a hard, but consistent pace)

4 minute rest

2 rounds

Atlas Shoulder Complex 
Jane Fonda Complex – 20 seconds per movement

Using a pace chart is the best way to train at the correct intensity, but not all of you will have a current 2 mile run time. So after you warm-up you should run each of these efforts at a moderately hard pace that is sustainable. The last 100-200 meters it should be challenging to hold your pace as fatigue will have accumulated at this point.


Taking the full rest is important as we want you to run the same pace each round. If anything your pace should be a little faster, but never slower!


You’ll notice we also have an option for rowing. This is for athletes that cannot run, or those of you that will be training in a gym vs. a track. We suggest doing the run version at your local high school track.




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