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Weapons - Accuracy - Precision - Strength - Speed - Mental Resilience

All critical components for warriors of all types. Mike Seeklander has the first few covered with Shooting Performance website. We got you covered with the rest.

Give yourself the unfair advantage.
Here's what athletes get:

  • Bullshit-free training - you won’t waste a single rep with us. There’s a purpose behind everything we program. It’ll never get easier, you’ll simply get stronger.
  • Disciplined structure - the gap between desire and action is bridged by disciplined structure. We'll give you the structure to make the most of your fitness.


  • Proven programming - Never again guess whether or not your training is working. We’ve tested every program on the site. We know it works because we’ve done it.
  • Endless improvements and additions - our site is a living creature. We’re continuously adding more and better field-tested programs. We take down old ones and remake them better. We’ll never stop improving, which means you won’t either.

Here's how it works (it's simple):

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  • Pick your goal. Email We're real people. We'll reply with answers to get you started.
  • Pick a plan. Or go with the path we assign.
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  • Become stronger, faster, harder to kill.

our athletes: heroes, defenders, enforcers

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"Methodologies like Atomic Athlete’s is a smart philosophy on how to train - where the athlete becomes a hybrid of everything. They give you a structure to train for durability, to recover, and how to become complete athlete; every solider needs that."
-Chuck Ritter, Special Forces

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"For the last few years, Atomic Athletes training has been a way of life for me, a way of evading the world for 60 to 90 minutes, a way of relinquishing internal demons and frustrations, and a way to further strengthen myself both physically and mentally."
-Bobby Saravane, Federal LEO

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"Atomic was far and away the best experience I've had when it comes to strength and conditioning training. The explanations of the science and reasoning for the programming is something I've never encountered. Now I know what training is."
-N.M. USAF Pararescue

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