Show Horse vs. Racehorse


Aesthetics vs. Performance

In today’s fitness world, there’s a growing debate between focusing on aesthetics (the show horse) versus performance (the racehorse). The harsh reality is that there’s a big difference between looking in shape and being in shape. When people say they want to get in shape, they often mean they want to look better – but is that the right approach to fitness?


Our gym and training programs heavily focus on performance-driven results. By training consistently and following a structured program, you’ll naturally achieve some aesthetic improvements. However, it’s crucial to understand that programming has minimal influence on aesthetics. For example, a notable CrossFit athlete like Rich Froning could follow different programs and still maintain his impressive physique.


Genetics plays a significant role in how we look, and it’s something we can’t change. Some people can effortlessly maintain a lean, muscular appearance, while others struggle to shed pounds. It’s essential to ask yourself: would you rather look good or be good? The path to achieving these goals is different.


To perform at a high level, it’s best to be well-nourished during and after training, consuming enough carbohydrates and protein to recover properly. Chasing a specific physique, on the other hand, often involves extreme cutting phases that can negatively impact your health.


Physique athletes don’t maintain their competition-ready appearance year-round. They go through bulking and cutting cycles, which is the natural progression in the aesthetic world. Being in a caloric deficit may not improve performance unless you’re extremely overweight, where shedding pounds can enhance your overall movement and ability.


To achieve aesthetic gains, you’ll need to follow a structured program and accept that progress is cyclical. It requires discipline and commitment, including tracking calories and macros multiple times a day. While there are skilled aesthetic coaches available, beware of those taking advantage of their appearance without actual credentials or experience.


In conclusion, focus on performance-driven training and maintain a clean diet. By staying consistent and disciplined, you’ll likely achieve the aesthetic results you desire over time. Remember, performance should always come first – and the aesthetics will follow.

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