Your Weakness Disgusts Me


This shirt will def make some people think about the choices they've made, and hopefully get them moving in the right direction.

What’s it mean?

As a buddy and I arrived at a remote backcountry hunting camp we began unpacking our gear and setting up for a 2-week elk hunt.

Now, my buddy is a total cheap ass, so when I saw him pulling out multiple logs of Copenhagen snuff from his kit bag I made the comment “Whoa dude, how much did you spend on dip?”

He was embarrassed to even say. He proceeded to tell me how “unimpressed” his wife was as she saw him packing it into his duffle.

Apparently she looked him dead in the eyes and said “Your weakness disgusts me.” She then turned around and walked back inside.

Now my buddy is one of the hardest and most disciplined men I know so hearing of this emasculation by his wife just made my day.

So much so that I wanted it on a shirt.

It’s really meant to be a reminder to the person wearing it, but I imagine the person behind you in line will read it and take a moment to reflect on some of the things they need to work on as well.


Printed on: Charcoal Next Level 6210

Fits as: Expected


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