Atomic Athlete Ranger Panties – Green


Appropriate for all occasions Ranger Panties are the working man's loungewear, sleepwear, workwear, and underwear.

The original Atomic Athlete Ranger Panties / silkies!

These bad boys will make every woman within a 3 mile radius swoon at the gyrating objects hidden beneath the most technical fabric out there.

Carefully crafted with a blend of Dragon semen, spider’s silk, and astroglide, SOFFE has created the ultimate version of Nylon ever made.

Made even better by printing the Atomic Athlete symbol of strength and vitality over the left thigh, these Ranger Panties are sure to level up your game in preparation for any military selection course or at the local coffee shop on a Sunday morning.

Priced at a thrifty $30 you can buy multiple pairs for the price of  1 pair of lululemon shorts, and I can say for certain that they will last longer as I have multiple pairs of both.

We suggest pairing them with a fanny pack hiding a concealed G19, an outrageous tank-top, and silly bright sunglasses.

This combination will make most people second guess themselves at whether or not you are the steely eyed killer you are, or maybe just a weirdo wearing short shorts at the bar on a cold day.




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