Above, Coach Jake Saenz outlines what an annual training calendar looks like for the back country hunter.


It is important to understand that:

  1. Backcountry hunting is an endurance endeavor and the training for it should reflect that.
  2. Training should move from general to specific as the year progresses.
  3. The primary focus should be on improving aerobic capacity and development of the aerobic energy system.
  4. This development should be done through low intensity load bearing activities for most athletes.
  5. The secondary focus should be building general strength. The type of strength training depends on the athlete and available equipment.


Any program that has a strength component, limited high intensity work, and a focus on aerobic capacity will work well for the general blocks.


Programming Pipeline:

January: Barbell Strength Protocol + Foundation

February: Dumbell Hypertrophy Protocol + Foundation

March: Strength Endurance Protocol Phase 1 + Foundation 2

April: Weapon X + Foundation 2

May: Goliath + The Bridge

June: Ultimate Predator Phase 1

July: Ultimate Predator Phase 2

August: The Ultimate Predator Phase 3

September: Hunt

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