The ability to not only move something, but to move it FAST, is what today’s session is all about.


Power and Speed training is the central focus on the majority of field sports such as baseball, football, and many of the track and field events you see.


Throwing, jumping, sprinting, as well as the Olympic lifts are the primary methods to train these attributes.


It’s important to note that this type of training is always low volume, with long periods of recovery in between each round. That is because the quality of the work is the most important aspect of the session.


You’ll see sessions like this in many of our strength programs, especially if they involve improvement in the Clean or Snatch. We also like to use jumps and throws to compliment the more traditional barbell exercises such as the Bench Press and Back Squat.


Enjoy the work today,
Coach Saenz




Warm-up: 4 rounds

4x Clean Pull – start light and build up each round (45-75 lbs)

4x Hang Power Clean

4x Front Squat

60 second Soft Tissue of Choice

8 rounds

2x Clean – increase weight each round

1x Broad Jump

60-90 second rest

5 minute easy run

10 rounds

100 meter sprint

Rest 60-90 seconds

3 rounds

30 seconds Shoulder Handjob e/s

30 seconds Glute Leg Lift e/s

Cleans are a technical lift, and can be very frustrating if you are trying to learn this on your own. In this session we provided a link to a “how to do a clean” video which will cover it in detail. If you are new to this lift just stay light, and focus on becoming familiar with the movement.


For the sprints, start slow, especially if you have not done any speed work recently. A common injury is pulling a hamstring when doing sprints, especially in athletes that are over 30.


Finish off with some joint stability work and call it a day.


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