Maximal strength is the ability to exert force upon an external object. This attribute is typically measured by a 1 rep max on a barbell based exercise such as a squat or press.


Maximal strength is essentially a measure of how much force your body can exert, or in simpler terms: how strong you are.


This type of training is typically done at higher intensities (75% – 95% of 1 rep max) and at lower volumes (4-8 rounds of 1-5x reps). During strength improvement programs you will always train at a specific intensity (%) but for strength maintenance you will typically go by feel.


Strength is extremely important not only for performance, but for injury prevention. Stronger athletes are simply harder to hurt, and harder to kill.


Almost every gym based program we offer has some type of maximal strength training in it. If you are doing a strength program then you will see this type of training 2-4x per week. For other programs you’ll see it much less as it requires much less volume and frequency to maintain this attribute than to improve it.


Go move some weight,
Coach Saenz




Warm-up: 3 rounds

8x Back Squats – start light and built up in weight

8x Push-ups

8x Kettlebell Swings – 25 to 35lbs

60 second Lower Body Soft Tissue (foam roll)

5 rounds

5x Back Squat – work up to 70-75% of 1RM – or Difficult but Doable

2x Broad Jumps

60 second rest – while resting do the Pec Ball

5 rounds

5x Bench Press – work up to 70-75% of 1RM – or Difficult but Doable

5x Weighted Pull-up or Heavy Lat Pull-down

60 second rest – while resting do the Peanut Soft Tissue

5 rounds

3x Deadlift- work up to 80-85% of 1RM – or Difficult but Doable

2x Ball Slam

60 second rest
During our warm-ups we always start light. Before moving to the 5×5 take any additional warm-up sets you need! You’ll notice that we have very specific soft tissue exercises during the rest portion between each round, although these are not necessary, they are designed to prepare your body for the following circuit so we suggest doing them. As mentioned in the video if you have a 1RM feel free to use it, if not then simply go by feel and train at a load that feels challenging.



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