Hypertrophy is a training method that is typically used for muscular growth for either aesthetic purposes (bodybuilding and figure competitors) or for functional purposes (mass gain for strength athletes).


Not only does this type of training make you more muscular, it also bridges the gap between Maximal Strength and Strength Endurance, both of which you’ll get a taste of very soon.


It essentially is our “middle ground” strength training. If you are doing a Hypertrophy specific program you will see LOTS of training like this. For other types of programs, the amount of this type of training will vary.


Hypertrophy training is typically done at moderate intensity (loads used) as well as moderate volume (number of reps per round). Recovery is fairly short between rounds so these efforts can be challenging towards the end of a circuit.


Done repeatedly, with a caloric surplus, the athlete can expect to get bigger and more muscular.




Warm-up: 3 rounds

8x Dumbbell Bench Press – start light and build up in weight

8x Bodyweight Squats

8x Kettlebell Swings – 35/25lbs

100 meter jog


6 rounds

10x Dumbbell Bench Press – DBD (Difficult but Doable loading)

10x Single Arm Row e/s – DBD

45-60 second rest


6 rounds

10x Double Kettlebell Front Squat – DBD (Can use barbell if no KBs available)

10x Kettlebell RDL – DBD (also can use barbell)

45-60 second rest


4 rounds

Gorilla Complex – 1 round every 90 seconds – DBD

8x Curls

8x Upright Row

8x Military Press

4x Overhead Tricep

8x Push-up


Since today is a standalone session the weight used for each exercise will all be “DBD” which stands for “difficult but doable.” This is a load that is challenging, but still allows perfect form. You won’t always find that load on the first round, especially with barbell movements. Continue to work up in weight until you find a load that fits the “DBD” description.





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