• What equipment is required to follow your programming?
  • Do you have a list of the abbreviations that are specific to Atomic Athlete Programming?
  • How are you different from Crossfit?

    What separates us from Crossfit is our belief that the only way you can truly build your fitness is through structured and well thoughtout programming. There are no random sessions or exercises in our programming. Every session is field-tested on hundreds of athletes prior to its inclusion on the website. This ensures that we provide our athletes with a quality product that improves their fitness level and keeps them safe and healthy.

  • What if my gym does not have the required equipment for your program?

    You will need at least basic training equipment (barbells, racks, and dumbbells) for most of our Hybrid Sessions. We often give recommendations through our coaching comments for where you can substitute exercises that require more unusual equipment. We are also developing programming for athletes with limited access to equipment. Click Here for Exercise Substitutions

  • Why are there only three gym sessions? What should I do if I want to train more?

    We believe that three days in the gym provide more than enough volume for strength facilitation. Because the gym is an artificial environment, we encourage you to get out of it for at least one session a week. If you have a sport, we encourage you to play or practice your sport. We do offer optional fourth- and fifth-day sessions outside the gym. These optional sessions focus on Single-Mode Stamina (i.e., running, swimming, biking) and Durability.

  • What if I can’t make it to the gym 3x week?

    Our sessions are designed to be done sequentially, so as long as you are doing them in order you will maintain the benefits of our programming.  During the transition weeks you can catch up then jump on board the next cycle.

  • What is durability and why is it important?

    Durability is a focus on prehab — or prehabilitation — the goal of which is to prevent injuries and extend the athlete's career. We base our Durability on the knowledge of Grey Cook, Gary Grey, Mike Boyle, Kelly Starrett, Kevin Browne, and Mark Verstegen. We believe that this is what keeps our athletes healthy and performing at a high level. Like the rest of our programming, it is constantly evolving to keep our athletes in the fight. Some of it looks dorky and can be confusing, but it is put on this website to make you a better athlete and keep you performing for as long as possible at a high level.

  • What if I have never done Olympic lifting before?

    For us, Olympic lifting is a means to an end. It is the best tool we have found to increase strength and athleticism. That being said, it does require instruction and proper equipment. If you don’t have access to either one of these, we have Substitutions for all the Olympic lifts. While we think the Olympic lifts are one of the best ways to increase fitness, they aren’t the only way. Don’t think that not performing the Olympic lifts will limit your progress as an athlete.

  • How are you associated with Military/Mountain Athlete?

    Rob Shaul mentored us in our early coaching days and helped lay the foundation for what Atomic Athlete has become.  As Military Athlete Strength and Conditioning Coaches we worked alongside Rob training soldiers and elite level mountain athletes across the nation. Our programming model is heavily influenced by his concept of Fluid Periodization.  Atomic Athlete remains a partner gym with Military Athlete.

  • I am a woman - is this program for me?

    Our programming is designed for anyone, male or female, with a desire to achieve unprecedented gains in their physical and mental fitness. Women make up 40 percent of the athletes who train at our gym in Austin, Texas.  Training protocols are the same for men and women, they only difference is the loading.

  • What kind of diet /nutritional recommendations do you have?
    • Be an adult and eat real food - meat, fruit, nuts, and vegetables
    • Don't drink calories
    • Good nutrition simply takes discipline
  • Do you offer any seminars? Certifications?

    Yes, we offer a Coaching Seminar - there are no seminars scheduled currently.  To be a certified coach you must attend the coaching seminar then intern in the gym for 2-4 weeks.

  • Will I end up looking like a bodybuilder?

    Our programming, while intense, is designed to promote strength without mass gain. You might get leaner, but if you ended up looking like a bodybuilder, you would be our first athlete ever to do so.

  • How can I cancel my online membership?

    Click here.

  • Have a question we didn't answer?

    Contact us here.

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