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Fix Chrome Login Issues

We recently overhauled our site, most users are fine but a few on Chrome (or the App installed through Chrome) are having issues logging in now. Sorry for the hassle guys and gals!

While this is hard to reproduce and test, the issue appears to be some data stored on your local browser from the old site. We’ve tried to make accommodations but so far have not been able to fix compatibility remotely, and for security reasons we can not edit your browser for you to remove the outdated markers.

So looks like you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and click some stuff on your end, don’t worry it should be fast.

Quick fix: Incognito Window

If you want to get in right away, the fastest route is to login in through Incognito mode. This should block the parts of Chrome that are causing your login to fail.

We can’t give you a link to open a new window in Incognito, but here is a normal link to the login page and instructions on how to open it:

On Mobile

  • Tap and hold on the link to popup a menu
  • Choose “Open in Incognito” from the menu
  • The login should work in the new tab

On Desktop

  • Right-click (or hold control and left-click) the link to popup a menu
  • Choose “Open Link in Incognito Window” from the menu
  • The login should work in the new window


Logging in on a new browser like Safari or Firefox should also work but you are probably better off staying on your browser of choice.

Logging out and in of your Chrome Profile may also fix it quickly, but we don’t have the testing data to support this yet. If you try that and it works let us know, for science.

If you want a long-term fix that takes a little more effort, read on.

Real fix: Clear site data

Clearing the site data should function a lot like incognito mode, but instead of sweeping the problems under the rug though it’ll resolve them once and for all.

We tried to make a tool to reset everything for you automatically, but this has not worked for most folks. If you want to roll the dice and try it in one click, welcome to give it a shot.

Probably though you are going to have to clear the data more manually. During this process try to avoid clearing all website data entirely, including other sites, since you probably don’t want to wipe all those away. Let’s look at how to delete just data from our site:

On Desktop

Step One,

  • Paste chrome://settings/content/all?searchSubpage=atomic-athlete into your address bar and hit the enter key.
  • Or,
    • Load up our site in Chrome.
    • Click the lock icon in the address bar next to our URL.
    • Click “Site Settings” from the dropdown.

Step Two,

  • You should be on a page to manage data for our site.
    • Our site should be the only one on this list. If you see more sites something went wrong and you’ll want to be careful not to delete data from all sites.
  • Clicking “Clear displayed data” will clear everything.
  • Go to the login page and it should work.


On Android

  • Load up our site in Chrome.
  • To the right of the address bar, tap the three-dot icon for ‘More’
  • Tap Info
  • Tap Cookies.
  • Next to the number of cookies in use, tap Delete.
  • Go to the login page and it should work.


On iOS

Chrome on iOS does not support deleting from a single site. You’ll have to choose if it’s worth it to you to clear all site data, from other sites as well as ours. Again this will log you out of almost every other site as well as reset some of your preferences and trackers.

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open Chrome.
  • Tap “More” link, its the three dots
  • Click the “Settings” gear icon (you might need to scroll the icons right to find it).
  • Tap Privacy and Security > Clear Browsing Data.
  • Check Cookies, Site Data.
    • Uncheck the other items if they are checked.
  • Tap Clear Browsing Data, and confirm.
  • Tap Done.
  • Go to the login page and it should work.


Didn’t fix it?

If neither of those above routes worked out for you, shoot us a message. We’ll see if we can sort you out.

We can’t reproduce this problem so we only have second-hand information and testing, more information coming in from people with the problem will get us closer to solving it.

Thanks for the patience everyone!