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Coach Jake

Too Many Goals

All too often we athletes come to us with simply too many goals.   We hear things like this way too often: “I want to put on muscle mass, burn fat, and get stronger and faster.”   In today’s video we address an athlete’s question about combining multiple goals into

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Work Capacity Execution

Time and time again we see athletes approach work capacity efforts incorrectly.   We have specific guidelines for our athletes to optimize their approach at these circuits.   Proper pacing Elimination of unnecessary rest Acceptance of discomfort   In the video below we talk through how these and how not

Exercise Technique
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As I was coaching yesterday, I noticed more than a few athletes really struggling with RDL, or Romanian Deadlift. Unlike a deadlift from the ground, a RDL is simply a big hinge that works the posterior chain. Many athletes believe the further they hinge, the more they get out of

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One of the most frequent questions we get is “which program should I do next?”   The answer to this can vary greatly depending on numerous factors. Let’s see what Coach Smothermon has to say on it. 

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Creating an aesthetically pleasing physique is probably the biggest motivator for many to start training. Unfortunately mainstream media has made this out to be a much easier and short term process than the reality. Today Coach Smothermon unpacks the question of “When will my body start to change.”    

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Coach Jake

What is being “strong?”

What is strength and how do you measure it?   The quick and obvious answer is a 1 rep max.   And without a doubt if measuring maximal strength there is little room to argue that this method is not the most valid.   But unless you plan on stepping

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Athlete Questions
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Crossfit + War Machine?

More is better right? In this video we address an athlete’s question if they can do Crossfit with War Machine.   Let’s breakdown the main purpose of military prep and it’s demands of not only volume, but intensity and exercise selection.          

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Is Group Training worthwhile?

One of the most challenging aspects of training local athletes in a group setting is to create programming that addresses the needs of the entire group.   There is no “one size fits all” program, and anyone that says otherwise is either lying to you, or simply ignorant.   The

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Oftentimes, people ask how we are different from other training companies and methodologies.   This was a difficult question to answer in the early years, but over the past decade we’ve continually developed our methods by working with thousands of athletes from different backgrounds and disciplines.   We do not

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The Atomic Approach

Everyone constructs meaning for what “Stronger, Faster, Harder to Kill” means. Your definition is almost certainly different than the next athlete’s. Those differences are most likely by degree. Principally, everyone’s definition shares common themes. These shared, often unspoken, overarching ideas bind us together, and drive us all forward to a