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Coach Jake

Front Squats and Wrist Pain

The Front Squat is a great exercise, but it does require a good amount of wrist mobility.   Ideally, you can set up in a good front rack position which has direct carryover to the clean. Although ideal, it’s not necessary.   Some athletes will have enough discomfort in the

Coach Jake

Too Many Goals

All too often we athletes come to us with simply too many goals.   We hear things like this way too often: “I want to put on muscle mass, burn fat, and get stronger and faster.”   In today’s video we address an athlete’s question about combining multiple goals into

Equipment and Gear
Coach Jake

The Forge – Preparing for the Backcountry

One of the primary goals of the Forge is to learn to be self sufficient in the back country.   With this in mind we suggest coming with the same kit that you would if you were doing a solo trip. This allows you to become familiar with your specific