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How do I access my online programming?

Click on MY HQ on the menu and you will see all your programs as well as a button to access the weekly Alpha training!

Do you have a list of the abbreviations that are specific to Atomic Athlete Programming?

AMRAP– As Many Rounds As Possible. Complete the prescribe exercises in the AMRAP for time.

DB– Dumbbell

DBD– Difficult but Doable – challenging, but not to failure.

EMOM– Every Minute On the Minute. Start a new round every minute.

e/s – each side.

F/B– Forward/Backward.

KB– Kettlebell.

KG – Kilograms

Rounds– number of time you complete each group of exercises.

SB– Sandbag.

20/10 lbs.– Males loading/female loading.

30/20/10lbs. – Strong male loading/male and strong female loading/female loading.

4x/2x –Male reps/female reps

SMOC –Single mode of choice (run, step-ups, row, stationary bike, jump rope)

AROC –Active rest of choice (mobility, soft tissue, corrective)

MPOC– Movement prep of choice

How are you different from Crossfit?

We are different in every way except how both use similar exercises. We do big picture programming based on goals and data.

Our philosophy, programming, approach, purpose, and motivations are worlds apart.

To get a comprehensive picture of what we do, read our article “The Atomic Approach.”

What if my gym does not have the required equipment for your program?

Oftentimes, you can simply do the same movement with a different piece of equipment (e.g., Front Squats become KB Front Squats if you don’t have a barbell but do have KBs). If not, check out our Equipment Subs here.

Should I stick to each program's recommended weekly training schedule even if I'm a total f-ing beast?

Yes. Timing and recovery are as important as progression and periodization for improving fitness. If you try to accelerate your results by training more or resting less, you’ll only end up cutting your gains off at the knees.

Of course, there are legitimate activities and volumes you can do on top of our training schedule, especially low intensity efforts (esp. if they are also low impact) and sport-specific work.

Our goal is to maximize your results, so it’s crucial you trust the process and know the results will come if you do. The schedule we design for each program aligns to this goal.

What if I can’t follow a program's schedule due to work or other aspects of life?

Our sessions are designed to be done sequentially, so as long as you are doing them in order you will maintain the majority of benefits of our programming.

I am a woman - is this program for me?

Our programming is designed for anyone, male or female, with a desire to achieve unprecedented gains in their physical and mental fitness. Women make up 40 percent of the athletes who train at our gym in Austin, Texas. Training protocols are the same for men and women, they only difference is the loading (20 lbs. dumbbells instead of 30 lbs. for example) and some movement variations (e.g.: pull-ups may be changed to horizontal pull-ups).

Will I end up looking like a bodybuilder?

Men: Unless you're on steroids, no.

Women: Hell no.

How can I cancel my online membership?
  • Hover over My Programs and Account in the menu bar.
  • Select Account Details.
  • On the left hand menu bar, select Subscriptions.
  • Click the Cancel button.

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