Yes, another taste of high intensity today. “Why twice?” you may ask.


Last week you saw a single 25 minute effort. Today you’ll see 3 shorter efforts, each approximately 5 minutes in duration.


This means that the intensity of these efforts will be much higher than the 25 minute effort. The shorter the effort, the harder you work.


Intensity (how hard you work / how fast you go / how heavy you lift) is one of two primary variables that we manipulate to build fitness.


The effort last week required a sense of pace, and was lower intensity as over time the fatigue accumulated. In today’s session, you’ll be going hard right off the bat.


Get some,
Coach Saenz




Warm-up: 3 rounds

200 meter jog

8x Push-up

4x Renegade Row e/s – 15 to 25lbs

8x Atomic Abs

8 to 1 countdown


Squat – Lunge – Lunge
– rest 3-5 minutes – 

5 rounds – one every minute

6x 25 meter shuttle sprints

– rest 3-5 minutes – 

5 rounds for time

6x Dumbbell Thrusters – 25 to 45lbs

24x Step-ups with bells

– rest 3-5 minutes – 

3 rounds

60 second Farmer Carry – go heavy as possible

30 second Pigeon Stretch e/s

30 second Facedown Pec Stretch e/s

Countdown effort = do 8 of each, then 7, then 6, all the way down to one.

Shuttle runs = run out 25 meters, then back, repeat twice more for a total of 6 sprints, then rest the remainder of the minute

Rounds for time = race pace until you’ve done 5 rounds


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