Final Assessment

It’s now time to retake your initial assessment.

Give your body 2-3 days of rest then hit it hard. Make sure that the loads you used are the same and that you test yourself on the same distance for the work capacity effort!

Assessment 1:


Warmup: 3 rounds, 4 if desired

8x Push-ups

8x Sit-up

2x Pull-up

200 meter run


Max Reps in 2 minutes



Max Reps in 2 minutes



Max Reps without coming off the bar


**Record all numbers



Assessment 2:


Warm-up: 3 rounds

8x Bench Press – start light and build up each round

4x Horizontal Pull up

8x Lunge  e/s

4x Mantis


Max Reps 

Bench Press at 65% of Bodyweight


Max Reps

Horizontal Pull up


Max Reps in 90 seconds

Jump Lunge


Once you complete the assessment let us know how you did!