Final Assessment

It’s now time to retake your initial assessment.

Give your body 2-3 days of rest then hit it hard. Make sure that the loads you used are the same and that you test yourself on the same distance for the work capacity effort!

Once you complete the assessment let us know how you did!


Max Strength Assessment #1

Warm-up: 4 rounds

5x Deadlift  – building up in weight

10x KB Swings

10x Push-ups

5x Shoulder Jackknife e/s

Find 1 rep max


3 rounds

4x – 3x – 2x Bench Press increasing each round

Find 1 rep max

Bench Press


Max Strength Assessment #2 

Warm-up: 4 rounds

5x Back Squat  – building up in weight

5x Jump squat

10x Dumbbell Push Press

5x Hydrants e/s 

Find 1 rep max

Back Squat 

3 rounds

4x – 3x – 2x Military Press  increasing each round

Find 1 rep max

Military Press 




Max Reps Unbroken Jump Lunge

This can be done at bodyweight, or using dumbbells ranging from 5-35lbs. Which you choose is up to you, just make sure that your retest is done at the same weight. If you’ve a heavier athlete, or have not trained in a significant amount of time, we suggest bodyweight.

Max Reps Unbroken Push Pulls

We suggest men use 25lbs and women use 15lbs for this assessment. As with the jump lunge test make sure that you retest with the same loading!

5 Rounds for time:

  • 10x Burpee
  • 10x 25m Shuttle Run (down and back 5 times. Approximate distance is fine, just make sure you re-test on same distance)