Program Purpose

This 4 week hypertrophy training cycle is designed to increase the amount of muscle mass on the athlete.  A program like this is well suited for athletes that are looking to increase overall musculature for either aesthetic purposes or for professional purposes.  Results will vary from athlete to athlete due to nutrition and genetics.  Increasing muscle mass, like building high levels of endurance, takes time and dedicated training.  Athletes that have been following the Hybrid Training may also benefit from this cycle due to the variety of exercises and taking a break from the typical performance based programming.

The Yoked cycle revolves around the concept of training frequency.  You will train each muscle group 3x per week.  There are many types of training models that elicit Hypertrophic responses in the body, this is just one of them.  With the high level of training frequency you will see a reduction in daily volume per muscle group, if you do the sets correctly and follow the loading guidelines then you will get plenty of work done in the session to elicit a growth response.

Necessary Equipment

  • Barbells, plates, and collars
  • Dumbells ranging from 15-80lbs
  • Squat rack and bench
  • Pullup bar
  • Heavy duty resistance bands **optional
  • Glute Ham Developer  **optional
  • Dip bar **optional
  • Cable system with lat pull down and seated row **optional

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