What’s Your Superpower?

What’s Your Superpower?

A common phrase we like to use around the gym is that we are building mutants. While this might seem gross to some, it’s exactly what our goal is with our athletes. We want to take anyone that is interested and through dedicated mental and physical efforts, we want to make them exceptional. We want them to be better than they’ve ever been before. We want them stronger, we want them faster and yes we want them Harder to Kill.

Guess what –  it’s working.

Our athletes are simply better than they’ve ever been before.

They truly are the best version of themselves. They might have been stronger or leaner in college, but they weren’t harder to kill. They only got that way by pushing their bodies and their minds far past what they previously thought was impossible. We know this is true because we’ve seen it over and over again. By making the effort to take control of their physicality and to push themselves they have toughened their bodies and their minds. Their muscles are their armor. Strong legs and a strong core drive their power. But it’s their mental toughness and fortitude to dedicate their lives to training for something that is seemingly intangible when they start that really sets them apart.

There is no glory in what we do. Rarely recognition or a prize.

Instead, hard work is rewarded with hard work.

Being uncomfortable and learning to suffer is met with being more uncomfortable and learning how to suffer even more. Until one day the suffering turns into something else. It’s not the thing you dread anymore, it starts to become the reason you keep showing up. The difficult nature of what we do becomes your source of pride, it becomes your reason. It becomes your superpower.


So what is a superpower?

It’s a power that is greater in scope and ability than has previously existed. Is it a stretch that I say our athletes have superpowers? In the eyes of Superman or The Avengers then perhaps yes. But if you look at from the standpoint of an ordinary human and the fact that our athletes are systematically redefining what they previously thought of as heavy or hard or impossible then you start the realize that the limit of personal evolution can start to be limitless.

It’s not true that the stronger athlete always wins.

But every time you compete against somebody stronger than you, you know it. The stronger athlete is simply able to do things that exceed your abilities and expectations. Now if the stronger athlete also has a high level of conditioning, mental toughness, and overall physicality then you suddenly find yourself in a situation that is going to force you to push much harder than you previously thought.

This is our goal from the beginning. Is every athlete in our gym going to be able to back squat 400 lbs and run a 5-minute mile? Of course not, but every single athlete that has put in any appreciable time in our gym knows the physical confidence that they have developed. 

You know you are stronger, faster and harder to kill.

You can look back on training sessions that almost crushed you but didn’t.

Moments where you wanted to quit but didn’t.

Times where you pushed through the suffering and evolved into something else.

This is your evolution.

This is your superpower.

This is your edge.

You are simply the best version of yourselves and pushing to get better every single day.

So what if you aren’t doing our programming? 

So what are you training for?

How are you improving?

What is your superpower?


-Coach Moore

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