The Ultimate Man Camp - October 2018

"As a culture we seem to have arrived at a place where whatever native wisdom we may once have possessed about survival has been replaced by confusion and anxiety."

Location: Reveille Peak Ranch

48 hours of action packed instruction, adventure, and manly activities. The Vanguard arose from a desire to instill and cultivate skills that have been forgotten and neglected among the general populace.

The brainchild of two special operations soldiers - the Vanguard is a no holds barred event where you will unplug from the current world of social media and text messages and do some real work where your hands will get dirty and the training wheels are off. You will shoot guns, butcher animals, wrestle, and do other activities that most companies wouldn't even consider doing as they are "too risky."

Life is risky; we'd rather your exposure to these events not be the time where your ass is on the line.

Countdown to The Vanguard. Get prepared!


Required Equipment

  • Pistol (no revolvers)
  • Retention holster that allows the shooter to run without losing positive control of the firearm
  • Magazines (3) and magazine holder (holds 2)
  • 200 rounds of pistol ammunition - not hollow points, just the cheap stuff
  • Sturdy Belt
  • Flashlight and Headlamp
  • Knife
  • Ear and Eye protection
  • Outdoor clothes / Hat / shoes that are durable
  • Leather Work Gloves for Rappelling
  • Shelter / Sleeping pad / Sleeping bag
  • Back pack / Assault pack with water bottle or hydration sleeve
  • Food - Breakfast and lunch are on your own, as well as dinner Friday night.
  • Towel
  • Compass
  • Sunscreen

Optional Equipment

  • Camp Stove
  • Camp Chair
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Cooler with extra food

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Sheepdog Response course with Tim Kennedy and Colton Smith

Instructional Blocks

Each year the blocks will change based on availability of instructors and are subject to change

  • Pistol
  • Grappling
  • Striking
  • Medical
  • Ropes
  • Butchery
  • Navigation
  • O-Course
  • Edged

A pistol is the most accessible and concealable projectile weapon in America.

Although laying waste with a semi-automatic rifle is the coolest thing since, lets be aren't walking around town with an AR-15 slung over your shoulder.

In this block of instruction we will cover all the fundamentals that you think you already know, then progress the training into more dynamic exercises that will replicate the types of scenarios you could encounter in a real world setting.

If you've never had another man smother his goods across your face as he is trying to wrench your shoulder out of socket then you truly have not lived.

Submission grappling/wrestling is one of those tools that will save your ass in a fight, as most fights end up on the ground.

Don't be that guy that gets mounted and hammer fisted into Youtube stardom.

In this block we'll have multiple Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts teach the basics of dominant positions and basic submissions.

We've all seen Rocky, but honestly that just isn't enough to keep your ass from getting knocked back into 1980.

Most grown men think they know how to fight, but very few of us have actually had any training. The few of us that have been in a fight probably only vaguely remember what happened as we were probably drowning ourselves in Jameson prior to the 2:15am championship bout on dirty 6th.

In this block we'll cover basic striking, clinching, as well as the use of elbows and knees.

Circulation - Airway - Breathing

Knowing how to assess a victim and apply the right techniques can save not only your life, but the lives of loved ones and strangers.

Who knows, maybe after you shoot a bad guy you may want to bring him back so he can suffer in prison instead of bleeding to death. I think I'd rather bleed to death then go to a federal prison.

In this block we'll cover basic trauma management, patient assessment and contents of a proper medical kit.

Rappelling may not actually save your life or someone else's but man it sure is a cool skill to have.

At Revielle peak they have a 100 foot tower, not that bush league 25 foot tower you see at the local fair but a real one that DPS SWAT trains on.

In this block we'll conquer any fear of heights, and look cool as fuck like those guys in the action movies.

"He who issues the sentence, should swing the sword."

Ned Stark said that, and he was on point. If you are a meat eater then you should experience this process first hand at some point in your life.

In this block we'll cover the humane slaughter and butchery of small game.

There are few things more embarrassing than getting lost in the woods.

Traveling cross country requires knowledge of map and compass, a skill that most do not have in this day and age of well marked trails, GPS, and Google Maps.

This block of instruction will cover how to recognize basic terrain features, determine bearings, follow azimuths and plan routes.

Moving your carcass over obstacles is probably one of the most applicable types of fitness you can have.

Revielle's O-course is not a boy scout sized course but a full scale military one modeled after the one in Fort Campbell, KY.

Teams of two will conquer, or not conquer, this course during the weekend.

You don't always have your trusty G19 with you, but the majority of time you will have access to a blade.

This block covers basic use of a knife for defensive purposes as well as how to avoid getting sliced up.


Is this event for men only? 
No, this is a co-ed event. We've had women come the past two events and they crushed it.

Do I need a Pistol?
Yes, a defensive pistol such as a Glock, Springfield XD, Smith and Wesson M&P, and a Sig 226 are all examples of good pistols to bring. Do not bring a revolver. Don't have a pistol? You will need to go buy one, or borrow one.

Do I need a Rifle?

I'm just a beginner, is this course appropriate for me?
The blocks of instruction are meant to be 90 minute "primers" to introduce you to the fundamental concepts of each subject. They are meant for novice level athletes. If you are a Purple Belt in BJJ then you won't learn too much in the grappling portion, likewise if you are a competitive shooter the pistol portion will be mostly a review.

If I sign up but cannot attend what happens? Is there a return policy?

  • 60+ days = 100% refund
  • 30 - 60 days = 50% refund
  • < 30 days = 25% refund
  • < 14 days = 0% refund

Do I have to attend each event?
Event participation is voluntary. If you are smoked, or choose to skip one of the blocks that is fine.

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