Below is a series of emails that was sent out in late 2019. These emails are short and to the point and clearly express some of the values that make our community different.


After 25 years of training, and 10 years of professionally coaching athletes, there is one thing I can say about the path we walk here…


It never gets easy.


Fitness improves, body composition changes, the mind hardens to discomfort.


But it never gets easy.


When we walk into the gym, we understand it is an environment designed for one thing: improvement.


Improvement of the body, improvement of the mind, improvement of the soul.


Improvement only occurs in the face of challenge, though. Something must test you physically or mentally.


At first, improvement comes easy. Show up. Do the work. Reap the rewards.


But as you progress, as you mature, as you become a harder version of yourself, progress becomes more difficult to come by and to measure.


You can start to question the path. You may find yourself asking yourself “Why am I doing this?”


You do it because it is the way.


It’s what we do. It’s how we live. It’s how we continue to grow.


Walking this path takes courage. It’s why other people look at us out of the corner of their eyes. They wish they had the grit, discipline, and determination to do what we do.


This is the way.


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