Program Purpose

This 8 week program is designed to build an aerobic base for the athlete preparing to start a more sport specific program or for the strength athlete looking to build better cardiovascular health. This program is ideal for individuals planning on doing the Woodsman, Ultimate Predator, or Soldier Program which all require the athletes to have some sort of base established.

This program has two Micro-cycles followed by a de-load week. Core, low back, hip, and shoulder durability is programmed in to compliment each session. Expect to train for 40-50 minutes each session. These sessions are designed to be done with your existing strength training. Due to the lower intensity of these sessions they can be done on the same day as your current training or the day after. If doing them on the same day do one in the am and one in the pm, ensure proper hydration and re-fueling between sessions.

The intensity of this program is very low, and the initial volumes are for the athlete that has little to no aerobic base. For athletes with more developed aerobic backgrounds we recommend the advanced version of this program.

Program Structure

There are 3 sessions per week during this cycle. Best case scenario is to do all three as prescribed in conjunction with your current training. If you are unable to do train 3 times per week simply follow the sessions in order until completion. One option is to do it M/W/F and train strength on T/TH. Another option is to do the aerobic sessions in the AM and train strength in the pm, or vice versa. Regardless of your training schedule we recommend taking 2 days of rest away from the gym.

Endurance 101

To build an aerobic base the modality is irrelevant. The heart and lungs do not recognize whether the athlete is running, hiking, or rowing, it simply recognizes intensity and duration. That being said load bearing activities such as running and hiking elicit a faster response than non-load bearing activities such as cycling and rowing. If you are doing this program for general health then the mode does not matter. You can substitute other modalities such as a tire drag or a sled push as long as you are staying within your heart rate boundaries. If you are doing it in preparation for a load bearing activity such as running or hunting you will want to primary do load bearing activities. By doing the specific task you are training for you will develop the connective tissue strength required for more advanced training and higher training volumes.

Modalities and Exercises

There are 3 primary modes programmed into this training plan. Running, Weighted Stepups, and the Airdyne. If you do not have an airdyne but a rower, the prescribed distance is included in the programming. Another option is to drag a weighted tire if you are training at home.

Equipment Needed

  • A 12-14’’ box
  • Airdyne, rower, or tire set up for dragging
  • 2.5lb - 5lb Plates
  • Small resistance bands or an old bike tube
  • Pack loaded with 25-35lbs or a KB of similar weight
  • Kettlebells or Dumbbell

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