“Initially I was very intimidated to join. I am not the traditional definition of an ‘athlete’. I expected the training to be impossible. But I found that with the right mental fitness, I can do anything. I LOVE that about Atomic. They train your mental fitness as much as your physical fitness. And it goes beyond pushing through the pain. They teach you strategies that actually work and make you better.”

The programming at Atomic Athlete is world class. I don't have to be a professional athlete to know these people know what they are doing. I was used to doing workouts that ‘toned your abs’ and ‘tightened your glutes.’ Atomic Athlete uses hybrid training to make you ‘Stronger, Faster and Harder to Kill.’ By focusing on fitness and strength vs. how I looked in my spandex, I actually started to see the changes in my body. Results, along with constantly being challenged, keeps me coming back. I am never bored and always excited to find out what they have in store for us next.” -Ana L.

“I highly recommend this training to anyone who wants to completely overhaul their physical and mental fitness. The programming is tough, but if you stay with it and put in the work, you'll get the results you want.” -Amir H.

“Having never experienced lifting at this high intensity, starting out was an uphill battle. The coaches didn't give up on me. Their strict intolerance for improper form and carefully crafted goal-oriented strength/stamina/work-capacity cycles made me into a new kind of athlete. If you want to make fitness into a lifestyle, sign up now.” -Alex S.

“It took me awhile to make the switch to Atomic. I was intimidated by the general badassness of the place. But after an injury that just wasn't healing at my good ol' local CrossFit facility I knew I needed to suck it up and pay Atomic a visit. Atomic has always had the reputation of solid programming and coaching. These guys are all-out geeks about it. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is without design.

Three years later I can say without any hesitation that the coaches genuinely care about programming & coaching. I know I can ask a coach anything about WHY we are doing something and get a genuine answer. Today I'm stronger, more confident in my movement and am all around a more physically capable human being (not to mention I have leaned and toned up like never before - hello sexy naked!). The only regret I have was not making the switch sooner - I just might have saved myself from that injury in the first place.” Olivia G.

When I joined Atomic, I was very out of shape, overweight, in the midst of a divorce, and I really needed something different in my life. Before I joined, the only physical activity I got were bicycle rides. I enjoyed them, but I was slow and couldn’t go very far. I attempted a 50 mile ride, once. Although I finished, it was a 5+ hour slog and I felt like I was going to die. I would have quit if I could.

Fast forward after a year of training at Atomic, I had lost 40 pounds. I looked and felt great, and gained so much confidence. I repeated the same 50 mile ride and completed it with no problems, and with a much faster time. I couldn’t imagine training anywhere else.” -Rob B.

If you’re ready for a physical and mental overhaul, and you want to start today, check out our New Athlete Program’s special price.


BJJ and Muay Thai

“I am a happy member of Atomic Athlete, and the benefits the training programs have shown in my physical gains in strength and size, which positively affects my jiu jitsu and Thai boxing! I'm hooked!” -Eric B.

“If you are an amateur or professional athlete looking for sport-specific training go to Atomic. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and the environment is great. I have been in combat sports most of my life, and the Atomic Athlete program has given me the best results!” -Jack Hall

Our top recommended program for BJJ or Muay Thai Fighters is the Sandbag Program.


“I completed my first 100 mile trail race in October 2015, and I placed in the top 25% of the field with a sub-24 hour finish. Thanks to my strength, durability, core, and stamina work with Atomic, I was prepared to hold a steady pace all day and night. The 100 miler I ran is known for its brutal desert heat, exposed course with no shade, and deceivingly hilly terrain, so while those around me were dropping like flies (only 60% finished), I stayed sharp and focused and never considered quitting. Ultra-distance running is equally dependent on one's physical conditioning and mental fitness, and training with Atomic has been a crucial part of my success, not only in building physical strength, but in sharpening my mental edge and truly becoming harder to kill.” -Stephen B.

If you’re a Trail Runner, and want to increase your stamina and durability for steady pace endurance events, you’ll probably love our Foundations Program.

Atomic Programming

“Embrace the suck.  If you can't wrap your head around that, this may not be the place for you.

I have been a member of Atomic Athlete for about 2 and a half years now.  Everything about Atomic deserves 5 stars in my opinion. From the coaches, to the programming, to the athletes that train there.” -Eric G.

“The coaching and programming is first class. Everything is designed with a purpose... If you're willing to accept being pushed not just physically but mentally far beyond your comfort zone, come join.” -Edward H.

“As a big process person, I really appreciate their dedication to having a method behind the madness. The workouts are tough, but they are well thought out and programmed, and they will explain to you WHY you are training this way. If you want to test yourself, be pushed past your limits, gain both mental and physical strength, and train with some of the best... Atomic is the place for you."

“[N]ot only is Atomic about getting you strong in the gym, it also wants you to take those gains outside - whether that's to the mat, the trail, or the mountains. The coaches will work with you to tailor the programming to your goals so that it will be an asset to your sport-specific training.” -Amy C.


“The programming will crush you. The coaches will push you to your edge. The facility is bare-bones and HOT. And you know what? It's the best damn gym in Austin.” -Dan S.

“Atomic's pretty dang awesome! I'm a full-time trainer w/my own business & Atomic is where I choose to go to supplement the base of my strength & work capacity training. It is a fun, legit, functional training with a host of diverse coaches imparting a wealth of knowledge. Honestly Atomic may not be for everyone, only because the people there are straightforward and unapologetic about their approach to fitness; they will not coddle you, but they will definitely make you "Stronger; Faster & Harder to Kill." -Tayna T.

“The programming is the best that I've come across during my fitness journey.  If you want to be whipped into shape, Atomic Athlete is the place for you. No WHINING allowed!” Derrick E.

“Check your egos at the door because this gym is all about enhancing you as an athlete.” Samia M.

“Atomic never allows for boredom. The workouts are programmed to make you work and make you work hard. However they are not programed without a purpose. Each session, each movement is making you better at something else. Atomic has changed the way I view "working out." Now every time I walk into the gym I am training for life. I am training to be a better version of myself outside of the gym.” -Rachel S.

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“[Atomic] quickly became my meditation, my church, my family. The transformation my body made was incredible. I had always been an avid runner and came into the gym fit, but skinny and weak. They helped me gain strength I never thought was possible. Their motto of "Train inside to perform outside" is spot on. No matter what you are looking for - gain strength, speed, overall fitness or training for a specific event/sport, Atomic will make you a better athlete both physically and mentally.” -Carenn J.

“Atomic athlete offers the most comprehensive programming in strength and conditioning. They offer periodized total body cycles with an end goal as the primary objective. The coaches are very well read and knowledgeable.” -Raul S.

“Hands down the best gym. The coaches know their shit and the programming is phenomenal.” -Collin B.

“I won't train anywhere else.”- Seth L.

“This place will change your life forever. The programming is amazing and world class. In the last year I have completely changed the way I think, feel and look due to Atomic. The coaches are amazing and will make you earn it.” -Rob W.

“This is the training site for us. This will be you and me getting stronger, faster and harder to kill each and every day.  Barring a significant life event, I don't see myself ever looking for other training.” -Jared W.

“They always find a way to leave you in a pool of your own sweat and tears. All that said, the attention to detail and the yeoman's attitude in this gym are second to none. There is a focus on building fully rounded athletes with smart, intentioned programming. Nothing here is done at random, but the results will have you prepared for anything.” -Bobby S.

“To put it simply, this place is awesome. Every coach is extremely knowledgeable and the programming is fantastic. Nothing compares to the intensity and quality of these workouts!” -Collin B.

“It is the only training I will ever want or need.” Justin H.

“Atomic Athlete is just different. The coaches are dedicated... to giving every person that trains there a better understanding of their physical ability and mental fortitude. What are we training for? Life and everything else that happens outside the gym.” -Adam W.

“If you’re looking for a place to train, not to workout, this is definitely the place for you. There's no bullshit here, just work!” -Jose L.

“I've seen steady gains in my strength, but huge gains in my range of motion.  I came in with a significant long term lower back and leg injury after an IED, and the focused, safe, and incremental approach to my training has resulted in a dramatic improvement in my functional strength, as well as lack of pain.  Increased muscle soreness, sure, but a massive reduction in the pain in my joints and spine.” -Jon Wayne Taylor

“I've been working out at Atomic Athlete for the last three months and I already see noticeable results. I've worked out at many different gyms, and one of the things I appreciate about Atomic is the programming is thoughtful--there's a reason and goal behind everything we do. Not only am I getting faster and stronger, but my wife likes the way I look too!” -Matt Ulrick

“A gym that never compromises on its ideals.  Always pushing its athletes' limits mentally and physically.  It is not for everyone, but for those looking to maximize the blueprints you were given, it delivers.” Jeffrey Boos


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