Session 3

Objective: Hybrid



4 Rounds

5x Squat lunge lunge

10x Hand Release Push Up

20x Ice skaters – skip over one rubber tile square by round 4 minimum, do so earlier if possible

40x Jump Rope


Strength Endurance:

4 Rounds, one every 90 sec.

6x Mastodon Complex – F:10-15/M:15-25 lbs. F/M


Work Capacity:

16 Rounds, one every 60 sec.

8x Burpees

10x 15m Shuttle Sprints (10 lengths)


Two Groups, A and B. Alternate which exercise you do in the following manner:  


A: burpees on odd rounds and sprints on even rounds.

B: sprints on odd rounds and burpees on even rounds.



7 Rounds – work up to 80-90%

50m Sprint build up

90 sec. Rest


Given time remaining:

100x Step-ups w/ 45 lbs.

1200m Run