BASIC Session 3


Session Overview



3 Rounds

6x Push-Pulls

6x Lunges e/s

6x Burpees

60 sec. SMOC



6 Rounds – Difficult but doable (DBD)

8x Walking Lunge e/s 

60 sec. Rest


Strength Endurance:

5 Rounds, one every 1:30.

25% Max Reps

Push Pulls

Go max reps final round


Take your score from your assessment and divide by 4. If you did 40x then you’ll do 10x each round, then max reps the final round. 


Work Capacity:

3 rounds at Hard Pace

12x 25m Shuttle Run

60 sec. Rest


Core / Resilience:

3 rounds

30 seconds Plank Walk Ups

30 seconds  Boat pose

30 seconds Y + L 

30 seconds Instep Stretch e/s