BASIC Session 2


Session Overview



3 Rounds

6x Bench Press 

6x DB Bent Over Row 

6x Rick Sanchez

60 sec. STOC



6 Rounds – Difficult but doable (DBD)

10x Bench Press

10x Single-Arm DB Row e/s

60 sec. Rest


Strength Endurance:

5 Rounds – 15 to 35 lbs

6x Rhino Complex

30 sec. Rest  


1 round is: 

6x Jump squat with KB – 6x Squat with KB – 6x Jump squat – 6x squat


Work Capacity:

3 rounds at Hard Pace

12x 25m Shuttle Run

60 sec. Rest


Core / Resilience:

3 rounds

10x Atomic Abs

10x Toe Touches

30 seconds Cactus Stretch  e/s

30 seconds Glute Leg Lift  e/s