BASIC Session 1


Session Overview



3 Rounds

6x DB Bench Press 

6x Walking Lunge e/s

6x Bodyweight Get-ups

60 sec. STOC  



6 Rounds – Difficult but doable (DBD)

10x DB Bench Press 

10x Bent Over Row

60 sec. Rest


Strength Endurance:

5 Rounds, one every 1:30.

4x Mastodon Complex


1 round is:

4x Jump Lunge with DB’s e/s (6x total)

4x Lunge with DB’s e/s

4x Jump Lunge e/s

4x Lunge e/s



Work Capacity:

6 rounds at Hard Pace

6x Burpees 

6x 15m Shuttle Run

6x Bodyweight Get-ups


Core / Resilience::

3 rounds

10x Weighted sit-up

5x Strict Renegade Row e/s

30 sec. Child pose

5x (not 10) Atlas Shoulder Complex