Sandbag Minimalist Training Program

This 6 week, 24 session program is designed for the athlete looking to build fitness with minimal equipment in an outdoor or garage setting. The program itself is one designed for the hybrid athlete and will focus on 3 fitness attributes: Strength Endurance, Work Capacity, and Stamina. Over the course of 5 weeks the athlete will see a progression in intensity and volume. This program includes a Sandbag Fitness Test designed to test all 3 attributes and measure fitness gained during the training cycle.

As with all of our programming, we are constantly improving based on what we learn from our athletes in the gym. This program was revised last in March 2015.

Equipment Needed

  • Sandbag
  • Pullup bar
  • 20’ piece of thick rope or tubular nylon
  • Open space to train
  • 14-18’’ ledge, box, or bench

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