The Triumvirate is an 14-week macrocycle consisting of three programs, designed to be done in the following order, back to back to back:


Maximum Overdrive
6-week strength and endurance cycle


Mandatory Fun
4-week Work Capacity/Run cycle


Blue Falcon
4-week Strength Endurance cycle

Progressing through The Triumvirate, you’ll reap these benefits:


Massive strength in foundational lifts – Bench, Back Squat, and Power Clean + Push Press. True blue old school lifts that make you better at overcoming gravity.


A wide aerobic foundation – the wider the foundation, the higher you can build the peak of intensity. We design it differently. It’s fun, varied, and just the right balance for intensity.
High-end Horsepower – our work capacity design will prepare you when you need to put out your hardest effort, and the mental fitness you gain will ensure you stay in the fight.


Speed endurance – running is one of the greatest attributes you need. You’ll be able to maintain your speed longer. Never be outran.


Unstoppable legs and willpower – our strength endurance trains more than just reps. It calibrates your mind to what it can really do.

Programs included in this macrocycle

Mandatory Fun
Maximum Overdrive
Blue Falcon