Swoll Patrol




Swoll Patrol is a great cycle for putting on mass, increasing strength and strength endurance as well as getting comfortable under the barbell.  In addition there will be some short work capacity and aerobic base sessions to maintain aerobic fitness.


The first phase of this program is all hypertrophy.  Think moving moderately heavy weight for lots and lots of reps.  The second phase will incorporate some Olympic lifting and the loads will get heavier.  So not only will we put some size on you, we’ll make sure you can use it.


Program Duration:

  • 7 weeks


Number of Sessions:

  • 28

Suggested training frequency:

  • 4 days per week

Suggested Programs Prior:

  • Any

Suggested Programs After:

  • More hypertrophy: Yoked or Million Dollar Dream
  • More Strength: Maxxx Gainz
  • More Conditioning: Challenges or any Hybrid.

Required Assessments:

  • No required assessments

Required Equipment

  • Barbell
  • Plates, metal or bumper
  • Squat Rack
  • Bench
  • Dumbbells
  • Rower, Assault Bike, or Track
  • Clock, Timer


Program Questions: