Ruck Improvement Protocol




The Ruck Improvement Protocol is a multi-tiered training program for military and mountain athletes. With 3 levels to choose from there are over 52 specific training sessions that will transfer the athlete’s fitness to the specific mode of carrying external loads over extended durations.


This program has all 3 levels included, and the training consists of rucking only. It is meant to be done in conjunction with other protocols, or programs.


Level 1 – Beginner

General Ruck Improvement

8 sessions

4 weeks long

Longest movement 8 miles

Perfect for GORUCK events, Basic Training Prep, recreational backpacking trips, building a base for Level 2


Level 2 – Intermediate

Military and Mountain Specific

20 sessions

7 to 9 weeks long

Longest movement 14 miles

Appropriate for individuals attending SFAS / RASP / RANGER

Also appropriate for serious back country hunters


Level 3 – Advanced

Specifically designed for “The Long Walk”

24 sessions

10 weeks

Longest movement 18 miles

Appropriate for individuals attending SFOD selection


Suggested training frequency:

  • 2-3 days per week


Suggested Programs Prior:

  • Any


Suggested Programs After:

  • Any


Required Assessments:

  • 2 mile run time (for levels 1 and 2)


Required Equipment

  • Backpack with frame and waistbelt
  • Ability to load it 25 to 90 lbs


Program Questions: