Maximum Overdrive




Maximum Overdrive is a 10-week foundational Strength and Endurance. This program is broken into two blocks. Block A is a 15-session volume block focusing on Hypertrophy and Aerobic Endurance that will utilize the principles of Block Periodization to build Hypertrophy, strength endurance, and technique. Sessions will be alternated in a progressive nature to add variety and also ensure that you are working on all accessory lifts.

Suggested Programs Prior

  • Rude Awakening, Maxxx Gainz, Challenges

Suggested Programs After

  • Mandatory Fun

Suggested training frequency

  • 3 days per week

Required Assessments

  • Bench Press 1 RM
  • Back Squat 1RM
  • Power Clean + Push Press 1RM
  • Darkside Test

Required Equipment

  • Barbell
  • Plates, metal or bumper
  • Squat Rack
  • Bench
  • Dumbbells
  • Rower, Assault Bike, or Track
  • Clock, Timer


Program Questions: