Mandatory Fun




Mandatory Fun is a 4 week 16 session program that is the bridge program between Maximum Overdrive and Blue Falcon.

This cycle is ideal for you if you’re looking to gain hypertrophy and work capacity. You should train 4 times per week for four weeks. You will begin with a simple assessment in order to individualize a progression of the cycle to your individual ability. This cycle will:

  • Increase the size of your legs and upper body to grow with dedicated hypertrophy work.
  • Improve your strength endurance under metabolic stress.
  • Make you faster.

Additionally, there is some proficiency maintaining Olympic work for experienced lifters, and for new Olympic lifters, enough work to familiarize you without overwhelming.


Suggested Programs Prior

  • Maximum Overdrive

Suggested Programs After

  • Blue Falcon

Suggested training frequency

  • 4 days per week

Required Assessments

  • 1.5 Mile Run


Required Assessments

Required Equipment

  • Any globogym or functional fitness place will work. If you’re training in your garage, you’ll need:
    • Barbells
    • Bumper Plates
    • Collars
    • Kettlebells
    • Dumbbells
    • Basic soft tissue and mobility equipment
    • A Mat
    • Running course of known distance.

Program Questions: