Wandering Warrior




Wandering Warrior is a 26-week cycle of 4 programs designed for athletes with limited training equipment or who are one the road. You’ll do the following programs, in order:


Bodyweight Only – 6-weeks; nothing but your body and a good attitude is needed to complete this program. Trains multiple fitness attributes.


Dumbbell Only – 8-weeks; a heavy pair of dumbbells (around 35# for men and 15-25# for women) is all you’ll need. Strength focus. Multiple dumbbell loads recommended, but not required.


Kettlebell Only- 6-weeks; unexpectedly hard in every satisfying way. Get ready for you fitness to advance to a new level.


Sandbag Only – 6-weeks; a training tool so diabolical, we had to give it it’s own program. Trains strength, strength endurance, and work capacity – with core and durability components.


Here’s what Wandering Warrior will do for you:


Utilize what you’ve got – Training doesn’t need fancy equipment, just hard work. These programs make the absolute most out of very few pieces of equipment.

Build more than just strength endurance – one common trap people get caught in when they have few equipment options is training the same way again and again. We’ll break you out of that and build comprehensive fitness.

Transform your performance – We put the focus solely on performance because it’s all that matters in the real world.



Any globo-gym or functional fitness place will work. If you’re training in your garage, you’ll need:

Pull-up bar
Running course of known distance.

Programs included in this macrocycle

Bodyweight Only
Dumbbell Only