ENDURE is an extensive base building protocol for runners, triathletes, cyclists, mountaineers, soldiers, or hunters. Its primary purpose is to build an aerobic base and condition the body to tolerate high training volumes.


Building a base takes time, and as such this protocol is long. Expect improvements to come slow and the training to be monotonous. That being said, when you finish this program you will be a new athlete capable of much more.


The format of this program is different from our other programs. This protocol has much more “flex” in how you do it. You will be given a large amount of information up front which includes assessments, rules for training, suggested session structure, and suggested progressions. As long as you follow the rules for training you will achieve the desired results.


ENDURE can be run with any strength protocol or program of your choosing. If you are following a program that has Work Capacity training in it we suggest skipping those sessions / circuits and replacing it with training from this protocol.



8 to 20 weeks depending on event and available time


Number of Sessions



Suggested Training Frequency

3-5x Per Week


Suggested Programs Prior



Suggested Programs After

The Bridge, Run Improvement Protocol, Any Work Capacity Program


Equipment needed:

HR monitor (Either GPS watch or Smartphone APP with Chest Strap)

Foam Roller / Lacrosse Ball / Peanut